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#5044 Swoboda Signed Genuine Angel Skin Coral Carved Rosebud and Carved Jade Leaf Brooch and Earring Demi Parure *SOLD*

Swoboda signed genuine angel skin coral carved rosebuds and genuine dark jade carved leaf brooch and earring demi parure.

Brooch: Carved genuine angel skin coral rosebud surrounded by 7 genuine dark jade carved leaves set in a high quality gold plated metal. Stamped on the back. 

Earrings: The earrings mimic with the brooch with a genuine angel skin coral carved rosebud surrounded by two genuine dark jade carved leaves in a high quality gold plated metal setting. Signed on the back of each earring. 

Brooch: 2" wide, 1" long, 1" profile
Earrings: 1" long, 3/4" wide 

Both brooch and earrings are in pristine condition. No chips, dings, scratches of any kind to the genuine angel skin coral. No chips, dings, scratches of any kind to the genuine dark jade leaves. No flaking or discoloration to the high quality gold plated metal settings. Clip ons are tight and secure. Pin straight. Brooch closure tight and secure.

Designer Swoboda


Re–established as N.W. Jewels by Nathan Waxman June 2000 to Present
Edward Swoboda, a talented jewelry designer, founded Swoboda Inc. in Los Angeles, CA in 1956 after having had an extensive knowledge of gemstones that were used in his manufacturing enterprise. The jewelry is characterized by magnificent thick gold plated metalwork, set with semi-precious stones and cultured pearls. Mr. Swoboda traveled extensively to South America where his gemstones were imported from. It was said that his polished gemstones and cultured pearls were unequaled in costume jewelry. 
The jewelry produced was designed with the Oriental and Victorian influences. In 1957, Nathan (Nate) Waxman joined the company as a trainee and quickly learned the art of casting, plating, and molding allowing him to create many of the designs. In the early 1960s, the Swoboda firm maintained showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas and the jewelry was sold in leading department stores Dillards, Goldwaters, Marshall Fields, Saks Fifth Ave., Bloomingdales, Gumps, Ciros, Harrods of London and Neiman Marcus. Swoboda jewelry lines consisted of complete sets, necklaces, broaches (most popular) and earrings. 
The jewelry was not marked but had a hang-tag "SWOBODA" until 1966 when "SWOBODA" OR "SWO.INC." appeared in the metal cast. Swoboda retired in 1979 and lives in Los Angeles. The jewelry is extremely rare, especially the more elaborate pieces that are highly prized by collectors who will pay nearly $800.00 per set and or above $400.00 for a necklace. Lower priced pieces consist of figural pins, some with carved jade or other semi-precious stones on gold plated metal. 
Nathan Waxman ran the company until 1985 when the company ceased operations. In June 2000, Nate Waxman established his own company, N.W. Jewels on an internet website that offers a wide variety and collection of Swoboda Costume Jewelry from vintage collections to limited quantity re-issues.


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